Dj ShamanX

I have performed at small but also large parties and have also organized parties myself in Arnhem, Utrecht en Amsterdam. And on dance nights with mixed music styles. Before that, I often doing the lights at multiple locations and was often annoyed by the bland, tasteless music that most DJs often play. A lot of bling and very little substance. A reason for me to start playing music myself. I have always been a Pioneer in that, which I think is also the idea behind being a Dj. I was raised with Underground Music, after all. I was mixing Jungle and drum & bass when it was still in its infancy and I was the first in my hometown Arnhem to organize an Acid party. I was also one of the first to play PsyBient and making online mixes. It was so unknown that people thought I came up with the name myself. I haven't found any parties yet where I could perform as PsyBient (danceable) DJ and that also applies to Psy-Forest, Neo-Acid and Psy-Techno, which is having a hard time breaking through in the Netherlands, it is lagging behind !
Dj ShamanX History

In the year 1993 I started to organize parties. A year later I had my first big Acid-house Party and DJ performance in The Willemeen in Arnhem. Many years later, I became a serious Acid-Trance DJ on vinyl. (see my DJ Man-X site) I often performed as Hardcore & Jungle DJ on vinyl. Later on Jungle become Drum & Bass and I became tired of the hard beats and skinheads and stopped as a hardcore DJ.

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In 2005 I discovered the music of Shulman and my interest for Psychedelic Ambient (PsyBient) was born. I found out that this music is creating a more uplifting environment and is also very suitable for tripping on natural hallucinogenic drugs, like psilocybin and isolator.

Psy-Trance, Psy-Forrest & Psy-Bient (danceable) :
And now, after a long time collecting I have a large choice of hypnotic Psychedelic dance music. In 2010 I, bought myself two Pioneers CDJ-800 MKII (CD-players) & Pioneer Mixer. I train myself to become a Psychedelic Dance DJ. Ranging from chill and downbeats to fast and hypnotic rolling beats. Of course my long years as an Acid-Trance DJ on vinyl and my experience as a psychedelic Ambient DJ help me achieve my goal. Until 2012 I have a powerful collection of Detroit Techno and Acid Trance. I am still updating my collection. Nowadays Techno styles are becoming more popular, so I also have a collection of the newest (Acid) Techno styles.

I ‘am still performing underground styles like : NeoAcid, Space-Techno, Acid Techno, Psy-Techno, Psy-Forrest, PsyTrance & PsyBient.

Energetic Vortex

Energetic-Vortex-singel-newconcept These last 10 years I am in the process of rebuilding my home studio for my new music project, Energetic Vortex, Underground Acid Techno.

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Shamanic Consciousness

My new DJ name ShamanX is of course based on my old DJ name, but also on the affinity I have with the shamanic eternal consciousness. It is connected with the spirit of men, who started to live on this planet. It guides men and connects the material world with the spiritual world. Shamanic people were the first priests - doctors - spirit counselors, not only for individuals but also for the whole tribe. The knowledge of the spirit world, the medicinal and psychogenetic effects of herbs are often the foundation of the world of nowadays. To work with magic and energy visualizations brought me in contact with the oldest source of knowledge in this world : Nature!