2007 we started the StarGazer project

Open your heart for a new spiritual consciousness
In this new millennium, the people of this earth will enter a new / higher level of consciousness. Because of this the spiritual resonance will increase. A lot of events and even sometimes disasters are happening to support this purpose. The best language to spread this new consciousness, is by music. Music is the most direct way to connect.

StarGazer project
We are now working on a new concept for a total show of light, ambiance and musical experience. How we will expand our ideas will depend on the place and budget, but we will try to create a total experience of spiritual performances, surround sound, projections and decorations to support an uplifting environment. Our homebase is Arnhem in The Netherlands (Europe).

If you feel like contacting us about this project and you have serious qualities, some of we may well need here, don't hesitate to contact us. We always need DJ's, VJ's, Fluor Artists, Light & Audio Technicians.

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